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Majestic Motion Picture Technology supports the creative vision

of the world’s most demanding filmmakers  



Many of the world’s top producers, directors, DPs and key grips insist on Majestic equipment and personnel for their most elaborate and challenging productions. Our dedicated team of specialists and unique range of equipment offer clients a level of excellence unparalleled in the industry. Decades of experience and many custom-fabricated accessories help us capture extraordinary shots that were once impossible.  



Our technicians meticulously maintain and calibrate a range of state-of-the-art Super Technocranes. Their performance is enhanced by many precision accessories offered only by Majestic. Our packages include accessories such as Preston wireless focus, iris and zoom controllers, wireless hands-free communication, and track. We offer a complete rain cover system, along with other specialized accessories to make sure filmmakers get the shots they need in any environment.



There are many reasons filmmakers have chosen Majestic’s Active Head for their work on recent films such as A Quiet Place, Deception, Netflix’s Big Dogs, and Chappaquiddick—as well as for productions for Saturday Night Live, New York City Ballet, Lexus, and Hugo Boss. The Active Head provides superior stabilization for large and small frequency vibrations with next-generation Fiber Optic Gyros and electronics. Equipped with control options such as hand wheels, pan bar, and joystick, the Active Head maintains rock-solid camera moves, even with longer lenses. Its True Gravity Sensors maintain auto horizon with 360-degree roll rotation is considered the best in the industry, making the Active Head the top choice for camera cars.



The Z-Head is a reliable remote head designed and manufactured by Technocrane to work specifically with their Cranes. It can rotate 2½ turns along all three axes. Our smart desks can be configured to control tilt and pan with hand wheels or a variety of joysticks. Roll can be controlled by a foot pedal rocker, a hand rocker or a joystick. There is also an optional pan bar.



Motion Capture output, available on the SuperTechnos and remote heads, provides tracking information that records programs for use in post-production. Camera operators and technicians can view pre-visualized rendered environments, composited with live elements—in real time, on set.

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