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As the smallest telescopic camera crane available, the Super Techno 15 is the ideal solution for tight interior locations.  The crane can fit through most standard doorways. The arm’s fulcrum is adjustable with a telescopic post and can be detached from the post and taken apart to get through tight spaces. The post and the base can also be dismantled.


The arms fulcrum has a castle nut that can fit on any Mitchell plate, allowing the arm to pan and tilt on a range of dollies and other bases, including small electric camera cars.


The package includes a rain cover, precision track and track wheels and a top mount so that any camera head can be placed above the arm. Slings and shackles are available to move the crane onto raised platforms and rooftops with the use of chain hoists, construction cranes or forklifts.

Majestic MPT's Technocrane 15
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